Doing and learning from Senior Citizen Group Tour

Doing and learning from Senior Citizen Group Tour


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[One must be very truth in sharing and caring for your elder citizen be it your parents or anyone else. They have been guiding us in time of need. This was my third escorting with this group and this time they were eagerly looking for Deogarh Jyotirlinga Darshan. The previous two trips were to Panch Jyotirlinga Darshan of Maharashtra and Hyderabad and Sirsailam Jyotirlinga Darshan.

By staying and travelling with them there I got opportunities to learn many things, being a group of elder citizens, I decided to escort them free of cost in a way that was not included in our costing. In fact, I thought to visit and have darshan along with them as a blessing from both sides.

In a group of about 35-40 people there were two group leaders who organized every tour with me. When I met them at Gaya Junction upon arrival at 4:30 am which they arrived by Rajdhani from New Delhi they were looking as fresh as ever, the first thing group leader Singh ji told me upon meeting me "Om Prakash Ji you are now our guest and we now have to look you like everyone else so never ever take any tension we will manage by ourselves you enjoy the way we will be enjoying this tour". In fact, these words gave me extra energy to make sure that nothing goes wrong. In a budget tour the things can go haphazard in spite of whatever effort being made to make things go as per plan.

The month of travel was April 22 those places were in fact under orange alert for heatwave- being temperature more than 40 degrees, though we had AC Luxury coach, AC rooms but then anyhow one has to walk for doing sightseeing and for senior citizen it's not easy as us. But the guest has no reason to complain except their first day was very hectic from 5 AM they have been traveling from Gaya Junction to Rajgir-Pawapuri and Deoghar. After check in and freshen-up we had dinner and after a brief briefing by us (Me and Our group leader along with Pujari Ji) we went to retire for the day.

Next day everything was looking normal they woke up in the early morning went for Deogarh Baba Baidhyanath Darshan the crowd was normal but with effort of Pujari Ji we had puja and darshan a bit early some of our members were of 75 plus and needed assistance for darshan though they have not opted for VIP darshan. Later we have other sightseeing like Baba Basukinath Dham, Tirkut Hill, Tapovan Hills and cave and later Gaya and Bodhgaya in 05 nights and 6 days program.

In the course of whole journey, they never stopped laughing there morning traveling starts at 7 Am their daily routine starts with Gayatri Mantra, than Bhajan Singing-Dancing and group leader will shares whole lot of good and encouraging words, lesson from books, real life Jokes relevant with their daily routine from there colony and society. In the course of journey, they will keep distributing snacks that the members brought with them from their home. The whole process goes on inside the bus while we travel in between destinations or sightseeing points. They have amazing memory skills, never complained about anyone, are very supportive to each other and some of them have excellent walking stamina. They never ever had let me down if something went wrong, it was them who made things work, never even taken anything seriously. They would always say Om Prakash JI we have also eyes and we are seeing you running from pillar to post to make sure everything is in order, but sometimes things can wrong due to some of us so never take seriously we are here and it will automatically come into its place. They were more aware than me and will brief them accordingly before the departure for the day activities which always helped us each time in making the tour a memorable one.](

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